The Quiet Woman and the Noisy Dog

By Sue Eves & Illustrated by Ailie Busby


In a quiet house, in a noisy town, Lived a quiet woman, and a noisy dog. Woof! Woof!


A quiet woman and her noisy dog meet a noisy woman and her quiet dog in the park and the dogs get muddled up. It is an onomatopoeic story of comic confusion that results in friendship for two dogs and their owners.

Published By Andersen Press


'A very simple concept is turned into something approaching a little gem'

4 Star Review Books For Keeps


' It is all presented so beautifully in a lilting, bouncy narrative' - Review by Anne Rooney

'Good fun to read aloud.' - School Librarian

Published By Bodley Head
Published By Bodley Head


By Sue Eves


 ‘This is a welcome debut picture book by talented artist Sue Eves who has created an original story that has lots of repetition and humour. The bold illustrations are highly appealing and perfectly accompany the rhythm of the text. This is an excellent bedtime story, ideal for reading aloud. Highly recommended!’