28. July 2015
Children's book writers and illustrators gathered for a weekend of workshops and a one to one with an editor

Sue Eves BookMap at The Golden Egg Academy
15. October 2014
I know where I'm going - I've been there before and I'm going back - with my BookMap. I've made 16 poster-sized pages of the journey through my story. Unfolding each page reveals columns filled with words about setting, characters, motivations and revelations. I had no idea how important 'mapping' my novel would be when I began analysing the 2nd draft. The timing was perfect for me. I couldn't wait to finish my accounts' spreadsheet in April. It was such a relief to be filling columns with...

Photo of Sue Eves By Candy Gourlay
06. October 2014
Such a fine day and an amazing opportunity yesterday to see all 51 beautifully illustrated BookBenches in Gordon Square, London WC1. Pictured here from the back - wait until you see them from the front! And this is only half of what's up for auction. Click or hover over photos below to see book titles, author & artist credits. Or jump to the Auction Catalogue Want one? Auction is tomorrow, Tuesday 7th Oct 2014 - "Proceeds will go to the National Literacy Trust’s vital work to raise...

08. September 2014
Done it! My illustration for our Quote Book - Just Imagine Centre Illustrators' Group Our last one, the Travelling Sketchbook, took a year to complete. I am number 2 in this round. You can follow the illustrators' journey on facebook. We each chose a sealed envelope that revealed a quote about reading books. I was excited by mine but I avoided searching for the root of the quote so that I wasn't influenced by any illustration that had gone before. Now I know the text is from Roald Dahl's...

02. August 2014
Exploring colour, imagination and observation and making mini books

05. May 2014
My work in progress, my USP, puppet characters and 65,000 words on the shelf - my writing process

31. March 2014
Finding my voice at Golden Egg Academy Workshop with Beverley Birch and Bella Pearson.

15. December 2013
My illustration for December window of digital advent calendar with tweetable micro stories

Post Office in North London
09. December 2013
Today we posted The Graveyard Book from sunny old London to begin its new life - in sunny California!

25. November 2013
painting orange splots and finding narratives - with Alexis Deacon

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