First SCBWI Sketchcrawl

These are my first sketches from last Friday's first SCBWI Sketchcrawl at the Natural History Museum. I usually choose one point of view when sketching a subject but I know that if I am to develop my characters in children's books, I need to draw them from many different angles.

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The last duck was the hardest. It's only looking at the pictures again this morning that I realise that there wasn't enough line in the duck's feet to place it firmly on the ground, so I pencilled in a few more.


Also, drawing the beak reminded me of a problem I'd had with Cow from my first picture book HIC! I hadn't done any life sketches of cows from the rear so my poor cow didn't have a nose in the preliminary drawing. It was the art director who suggested we needed to see Cow's nose to understand the picture!

So from dead duck drawings to life sketches...


mmm - kids don't keep still do they. I went to the upper galleries and found a group of primary school children dressed as explorers.  I had to get lines down so fast, they became shorthand that only I can decipher! I produced three pages like this and all whilst pretending to draw the ceiling and arches above them so that it didn't look like I was spying on them.


This was a gift of a situation - especially for a more experienced illustrator like John Shelley - so I sent him up after me to capture the scene but the group had gone by then. Sorry John!


Great working day out - I'm up for the next sketchcrawl - it'll be in January, I think.

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    Candy (Monday, 29 November 2010 16:53)

    Aww. I was sorry to miss it! I'll be there in January!

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    Kathryn Evans (Monday, 29 November 2010 17:40)

    How lovely to see the results of your crawl, thanks for sharing x

  • #3

    Sue Eves (Monday, 29 November 2010 18:09)

    Candy, Kathy - thanks for stopping by!

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